“You did your best”

A dog has been abandoned on the street with a bag full of toys and a note from its owner in Wisconsin, USA. The dog, was tied to a fire hydrant in Green Bay. The owner, who was facing health concerns, was no longer able to take care of his dog.

The animal, which is also sick, suffers from diabetes and needs to have its blood sugar levels monitored daily. He must follow a strict diet and receive insulin injections. “It’s an expensive disease that requires a monthly purchase of insulin,” said a Wisconsin Humane Society spokesperson. “In total, this can cost hundreds of dollars a month.”

“You did your best”

The association described the abandonment as an “act of desperation” on the part of the owner. In a message addressed to him, she thanks him for having “asked for help” and for having “done his best” with his dog: “We are sorry that you had to part with your best friend. It’s obvious that you love him and we see that you did your best despite your health worries and life’s challenges. We see your love in the bag of toys you carefully packed with all of his favorite toys. Rest assured she is safe, she is getting lots of love from our team.”


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