you can eat a burger cooked by a “three-star” chef

The Covid-19 epidemic, which precipitated the postponement of the 2020 and 2021 editions of the Eurockéennes, nevertheless had one merit: that of opening up new horizons for the Belfortain festival. Last year, a universe not yet really cleared was thus successfully exploited: that of French gastronomy.

During the summer “Secondary residence” organized on the Malsaucy site, an ephemeral restaurant had been inaugurated (and stormed) on the very site of the festival, with a well-known chef offering his menu every evening. A concept taken up a few weeks later during the XXL electro evening organized in the large Eurockéennes hall, which adjoins the festival campsite opposite the runways of the Chaux aerodrome.

“Bringing gastronomy closer to our festival-goers”

“These experiences have opened up a new network for us, that of starred chefs”, rejoiced Jean-Paul Roland, the director of the Eurocks, on Monday. “Those who came talked to others about it… and we decided to ride this wave to bring gastronomy closer to our festival-goers”.

Thus will be born, next Thursday, June 30, not far from the Main Stage, the “Place des chef.fe.s”. The concept is as simple as it is promising: in addition to the many usual food stalls scattered throughout the site, a space, a temple of gastronomy, will see the light of day.

There you will find several big names in French cuisine who will prepare “luxury” snacks. Anne-Sophie Pic (three stars in the Michelin guide) will, for example, offer gourmet burgers, while Olivier Bellin (two stars) will launch into a “street-food from the sea”, or Thibaut Gamba (one star) will lean on the case of hot dogs.

On prices: “The idea is not to ask for a quote to eat a hamburger”

Clotilde Jacoulot (best worker in France, greengrocers category) promises a “vitamin and fruity” food-truck, while Haas Café (Italian ice cream and coffees), but also the Group for the Promotion of Regional Products (GPPR ) will complete this gargantuan offer… at affordable prices. “It was part of the conditions, of course. Admittedly, it will be a little more expensive than elsewhere, but everything will remain affordable. The idea is not to ask for an estimate to eat a hamburger,” smiles Jean-Paul Roland.

Better still: in the middle of this “Place des chef.fe.s”, where you can settle down to eat, a workshop will be set up with entertainment throughout the festival. On the menu: exhibitions, presentations and tastings, with in particular the local of the stage Fabrice Piguet and his cancoillottes, but also demonstrations around a craft beer with grape must, or the Ivorian master chocolatier Alain Kablan Porquet.

At the helm and animation of this new place: a friend and regular Eurocks, the former candidate of “Top Chef” Grégory Cuilleron. Recently crowned world champion of… the poached egg, this passionate about music and good food will play the masters of ceremonies of a new space that should be all the rage.

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