Witchfire will support DLSS3 technology

Video games have made great strides over the past few years in visual fidelity and quality. 4K gaming is becoming more mainstream, but anyone who has tried playing games at maximum visual settings knows that better graphics come at a cost of performance. So tech companies have been working on clever ways to deliver top-notch graphics while delivering smooth performance, and for Nvidia, that comes in the form of DLSS3 technology.

DLSS3 allows users to get the best of both worlds; Quality images, but also high and fluid frame rates. While those with an RTX 40 series graphics card will likely have had a chance to test DLSS3 by now, look no further than below to see it in action in a promising rogue-lite shooter.

The Astronauts, the developer behind the upcoming Witchfire, shared a preview of the game working with DLSS3 enabled and announced that when the game debuts in Early Access later this year, the title will support the feature. Needless to say, the game is very beautiful.

Witch Fire

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