Who is Claire Dujardin, lawyer in Toulouse, appointed president of the Union of Lawyers of France?

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Claire Dujardin, a lawyer in Toulouse, practicing mainly in the law of foreigners and criminal law, was appointed at the beginning of November as president of the Union of Lawyers of France. During her mandate, she wishes to help build the law, fight for quality justice and maintain access to the law.

From lawyer in Gaillac in the Tarn, to running mate for the municipal authorities of Toulouse, who is Claire Dujardin, the new national president of the Union of Lawyers of France (Saf)?

In her office perched on the roofs of Toulouse, Claire Dujardin, a lawyer practicing mainly in immigration law and criminal law on the occasion of her appointment, gives a quick overview of her career. “I studied in Paris but I did not immediately practice as a lawyer after being sworn in in 2006,” she slips. She will first put on the dress of communicator in the town hall of Marcoussis in the Paris region before packing her bags and settling in the Tarn as a lawyer.

In Gaillac, she sets up her practice where she practices alone. We are in 2009. “Over there, you are a bit like the family doctor but in the lawyer version, people come to see you for all types of litigation and especially for advice”, she smiles.

Defense of the family of Rémi Fraisse killed in Sivens

But a major event will mark his experience. “I very quickly joined the Saf. This membership is linked to a union campaign which militated against the ‘Base Élève’ file, a device wanted by Nicolas Sarkozy where one could have access to discriminating information on school children. “, underlines the lawyer. This campaign, the lawyer sees it as a click to get involved. In the ranks of the union, she will lead the various battles that have animated the Saf for many years: “Help to build the law, fight for quality justice and maintain access to the law”.

At the same time, the one who was born in Lille but grew up in Essonne will also make herself known by defending environmental activists in the case of the Sivens dam “and one thing leading to another, I found myself defending environmental activists, and in particular to defend the family of Rémi Fraisse”.

Candidate for legislative and municipal elections in Toulouse

And these various disputes will “tint” the cases it chooses to defend. Passionate about the life of the city without necessarily being inserted, she will participate in several meetings of the leader of France Insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

In 2017, an opportunity presented itself during the legislative elections. In the first constituency of Toulouse, with 600 votes, she narrowly missed becoming a deputy. She will also try her luck during the municipal elections by registering her name on the list of Archipelago but will not obtain a seat in the Capitol during the municipal elections of 2020. It is ultimately in that of the presidency of Saf that Claire Dujardin will work to defend values ​​that are dear to him, in particular “the fight against discrimination” and “access to the law”.

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