What to do with the 27 dogs captured by the TCO a week ago?

On the night of Thursday to Friday last week, the body of a man was found with traces of dog bites. If the autopsy will confirm that the bites were not the cause of death, the TCO (West Coast Territory) had not waited for the results to launch a vast operation to capture stray dogs on Friday evening.

Monday afternoon, the intercommunality informed by press release that the 29 dogs captured during this “exceptional operation” would not be euthanized. “They will be returned to their owners and for the others, they will be cared for, identified and sterilized to then be entrusted to associations with a view to their adoption”boasted the West Coast Territory.

Easy on paper, but more complicated in practice, as the associations on the island are already faced with reception issues. Thus, this Friday, the association Zoom is launching a call for help on social networks to find foster families for the 27 dogs (two having already been recovered by an association) before May 12. This is to accommodate the animal while it finds an adoptive home (all costs, food and care, are generally covered by the associations.)

“The ‘agreements’ are unknown given the pound context. Without these receptions, these outings are doomed to failure. This is therefore a call for solidarity in order to save them”, calls the president, Marie Pérez.


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