Wavelight technology arrives at Louvain-la-Neuve indoor track: “Only the second permanent system of this type in the world!”

“According to what the managers of the Dutch company that markets it have told us, the venue in Louvain-la-Neuve would be only the second in the world after Boston in the USA to be equipped with a permanent system of this. guy”explains Marc Jeanmoye, the director of the sports complex in Blocry, who specifies that the cost of the investment rises to 25,000 euros, a guarantee of ten years that the material is usable in the contract.

So what exactly is it? Colored lights located on the inside edge of the track indicate the pace that the athletes must follow to establish pre-defined times. Thus, this luminous visual guide plays the role of a “hare”, or otherwise, it will replace the electric scooter regularly used by certain athletes and their entourage during training to maintain a constant pace and avoid strokes. “It goes without saying that this technology, which everyone should adopt quite quickly (all you have to do is enter three pieces of data on the tablet that controls the system) is much safer for all users. Which will not be limited to high-level athletes, as UCLouvain’s sports faculty have already shown great interest. And that, if necessary, the installation can be extended a little and moved to the outermost ring of the training track, which measures 250m, in order to carry out various tests.

Light Assistance Has Been Used At The Van Damme Memorial Since 2020.
Light assistance has been used at the Van Damme Memorial since 2020. ©Bolcina/Photo News

The Wavelight technology was developed in meetings from 2018 and has already helped to break some outdoor world records such as the 5,000m and 10,000m for men or the 5,000m for women. With us, it was used for the first time at the Van Damme Memorial during the 2020 edition of the Brussels meeting, where the hour records were broken.

Also indoors, Wavelight technology has already provided valuable services. Jakob Ingebrigtsen took the opportunity to break the 1500m world record last February in Liévin.

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