War in Ukraine: The Belgian army sends high-tech equipment to Kiev

The Belgian defense is sending two mobile laboratories and underwater robots to Ukraine.

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LThe defense is preparing to send two mobile medical laboratories and several high-tech underwater robots to Ukraine, Minister of Defense Ludivine Dedonder announced on Friday from the airport Melsbroek, where this equipment will leave.

The medical laboratories are arranged in vans so that they can be easily moved around. Standard medical tests can be performed in each of them: blood, urine or saliva, but also infection surveillance or PCR tests useful for detecting covid-19 or influenza.

“The mobile laboratories have the capacity of a traditional diagnostic laboratory, but in a reduced format. In Ukraine, laboratories have been destroyed, the ability to perform diagnostic tests has been lost or is no longer operational. With these mobile laboratories we can offer this capacity again”, explained Major Frans T’Sas.

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Underwater robots will mainly be used to control ports and coasts. These devices can detect objects, inspect ship hulls, or even neutralize mines and other explosive devices.


The two mobile laboratories will be transported to Ukraine within three weeks. The robots will be sent in stages. In the month of May, they should be fully operational. Staff training is planned in addition to equipment.

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The Council of Ministers also approved on Friday, at the suggestion of Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib, a B-Fast mission in Ukraine to help the country cope with the humanitarian consequences of the war. It responds to requests from Ukrainian authorities to EU Member States via the European Civil Protection Mechanism (UPCM). Generators, sleeping bags, first aid kits and food will be purchased and donated to Ukraine. Two B-Fast partners supplemented this assistance with the supply of equipment for the country’s electrical infrastructure and additional IT equipment.

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