Two members of the Arlon SRPA assaulted by the owner of a dog in Paliseul

He is accused of having struck two members of the SRPA of Arlon who had been called by another Paliseulois, witness to the passage of a stray dog ​​in his street. The facts happened on September 12, 2021.

The defendant claims that he was unaware of the status of the SRPA representatives and only wanted to recover his little dog which had gone astray.

But the blows he gave were violent according to the deputy public prosecutor, Pierre d’Huart. The lady of the SRPA would have received a blow from behind. His young colleague wanted to intervene and ” was in turn kicked in the ribs when he found himself on the ground. This last victim found himself unable to work for five days” added the substitute for Huart.

The prosecution is asking for a 3-month prison sentence and a €100 fine, but says it is not opposed to a work sentence.

The defendant states that he ” gave a blow to break free” and repeats that he thought the two people wanted to kidnap his dog.

Lawyer for the defendant, Me Pirson pleads that the misunderstanding came from the fact that the SPRA agents had not disclosed their identity or their status when the defendant wanted to recover his dog. ” According to my client, it was the young man from the SRPAd’Arlon who grabbed him from behind and my client wanted to get away.”

The lawyer is asking for a work sentence or, failing that, the broadest possible reprieve. “My client has several children and is a job seeker.”

Judgment will be rendered on June 30.


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