Tournai Criminal Court: he gave hammer blows to his dog

Because of the strike which impacted the whole of our country on Tuesday, Jessica was not able to move within the correctional court of Tournai. For Judge Tabet, the strike planned for a long time, is far from being a good justification to explain her absence, the file was therefore taken. For a little over a month, Jessica would have left her dog abandoned in truly deplorable conditions. “This animal was trying to eat glass bottles and howling to death from starvation. He lived in a yard littered with trash and sharp objects”. Following an investigation, neighbors actually said the pet was being abused…

Deprived of food

During her interview with the police, the defendant said “that she could not recover from the death of her grandmother and still seemed aware that her animal was wasting away”. She also said she loves her dog. “It’s a funny way to show affection”, specified the representative of the public ministry. Always according to the words of Jessica, her ex-companion “prevented him from giving food” to the poor beast. Fortunately, the animal will be taken care of by a shelter. A one-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 200 euros were requested.

It’s a very sad story.”, explained the defense lawyer. “Since the death of her grandmother, it’s been a real descent into hell for my client. She lived in deplorable conditions. In addition to no longer taking care of her dog, she no longer took care of herself. In her explanations, the defendant declares that her ex-companion did not hesitate to be violent with the animal by kicking and hammering it. This man named Logan even said: wanting to administer rat poison to the dog to finally get it over with”.

The defendant, being still fragile at present, his counsel requested a simple suspension of the pronouncement. Judgment will be delivered on June 28.

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