TikTok: this dog charged with static electricity is causing a stir!

From dog to hedgehog, there is only one step… at least, when static electricity gets involved like in a viral Tiktok for days!

Tiktok remains a clever mix of tricks, tutorials, humor and videos of animals… But that of Rosario Car goes around the world. Admittedly, she only filmed her dog… But his reaction to static electricity is legendary. MCETV explains everything!

A dog that does not understand everything

Because the social network manage to bring together an incredible number of accounts that have nothing to do with each other but which all make the buzz. Lately, we presented to you the “budget envelope” and its creator who passed 115,000 fans…

But besides, there are still and always videos of animals. Funnier and cuter than each other, they are part of the “soul” of Tiktok. This is where Rosario Car and his dog Catarina, a Yorkshire, bet everything.

There is indeed a fairly large community of Yorkshire fans. Rosario Car therefore had every chance of making itself known… But her dog helped her more than she expected. He simply made the buzz by surprising even his owner.

Like a lot of dogs, Catarina hoped to collapse on the couch. So far, no wonder. But where the Tiktok video is going viral is the dog discovers something we are all subject to : static electricity.

In effect, when you take a “juice shot”, it’s static electricity… But when a person rubs their hair on a balloon before sticking it to the ceiling, that’s also static electricity. And there, as often on the social network, it is the drama.

@rosariocar1 #dog #perro #yorkie #estatica #catarinayorkie ♬ sonido original – Rosario Car

Tiktok: a mythical reaction

Because everyone knows that moment when you put on your sweatshirt, and the hair comes off with it… In fact, it’s just a chemical reaction: the hair doesn’t have the same charge as the sweatshirt. The sweatshirt therefore acts as a magnet.

But when you rub against a material, some ions leave their atom, attracted by another nucleus. All this, Catarina does not realize. His mistress therefore tells Dodo that “when she starts rubbing herself on the sofa”, something weird happens.

Because in a few seconds, Yorkshire changes its appearance. No more cute little dog: his hair then stands up in all directions, on his body and his head. And begins to wonder what is happening to him. “I was so surprised…I couldn’t stop laughing! »

At this moment, Rosario Car has the right reflex: take out your phone and make a video. With such a surprised and plucked dog, the buzz seems guaranteed on Tiktok. And his mistress keeps a hilarious memory of it. Because his dog, rather than panicking, ended up calming down.

“I had never seen her like that”, has fun Rosario Car. And faced with the buzz that an animal can manage to make on the networks, the mistress remains very proud for her animal. ” She would be very happy to know that she makes people smile. I think she would feel very loved.

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