This dog is extremely effective as a reversing radar!

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No, dogs can’t do everything. But they are sometimes much smarter and more surprising than some humans. This is also the case in this video which begins with a man guiding his friend in his reverse gear.

All does not go well since his advice will cause the driver to hit the wall behind him. His friend is obviously far from having the compass in his eye and would do well to remain discreet the next time he is asked (or not) for help to back up.

But conversely, in the rest of the video, things go much better! And for good reason, we can attend several reverse marches, all guided by a dog! The Golden Retriever leads its master with its paws and then starts barking when there is no more room to retreat.

The scenes are hilarious and honestly, we’ve never seen such a cute backup camera!

to summarize

Like a normal human, the dog guides its master with simple gestures and even uses its loud voice to tell him to stop. It is a very well-oiled enterprise and which seems to bear fruit since the animal has been filmed on several occasions playing the reversing radar.

Clement Fauriel

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