“they’re doing the java on our roof”, these Périgourdins can’t take it anymore

Cats that roam on his property and sometimes make a mess: many inhabitants of Périgord experience this situation. For Anna and Nordine, residents of Razac-d’Eymet, this has been the case for several years. At the end of May, in the middle of the breeding season, they are invaded by small wild cats.

They shit in our house, there they made me fall pots of flowers and we even surprise them in the evening galloping on our roof! They climb on it and they do the java.

The Périgord cut, established here for 10 years, has seen its daily life change in recent years. “We were sleeping peacefully, then we heard snacking”, says Nordine. That day, a cat, then another cat appear in their house, in the middle of the night.

Stray cats are omnipresent in this street of Razac-d'Eymet.
Stray cats are omnipresent in this street of Razac-d’Eymet. © Radio France
Paul Sertillanges

Year after year, their number has increased. They are several dozen today according to Anna. She points the finger at the responsibility of the neighbor, who feeds the stray cats, according to her. Mayor Thierry Grossoleil has tried to reason with him, without success so far.

“Have your cats sterilized!”

Faced with this problem of stray cats, there are several difficulties: catching the animal, the cost of sterilization (about 60 euros for a male and 120 euros for a female) and finding a foster family. The SPA branches in Périgueux and Bergerac are already overwhelmed.

“Get your cats neutered! Please! insists Eliane Rigaud, the president of the SPA Périgueux, it will prevent the SPA from welcoming, like last year, 324 kittens!”

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