“There is the shadow of Gianni Infantino” behind this case, points to RTL the lawyer of the French

A triple Ballon d’Or in court. Michel Platini has been appearing since Wednesday, June 8, at the Bellinzona court in Switzerland. The former UEFA boss was appearing for “fraud”, but he pleads the plot to prevent him from taking the helm of Fifa in 2015. His lawyer points out, on RTL, the influence on certain members of the Swiss justice system of the current president of the international federation, Gianni Infantino, in order to initiate the launch of proceedings against his client.

“The timing of this case is quite suspicious,” said Najwa El Haïte, who evokes an “unrecorded” meeting between several Swiss prosecutors, one of whom is “very close to Gianni Infantino”. “There is the shadow of Gianni Infantino” which hovers over the affair, she believes.

The latter would have “sought to know from certain members of the (Swiss) prosecution the judicial future” of Michel Platini or Sepp Blatter launches Najwa El Haïte. The former leader of the France team is due to speak on Thursday June 9 before the tribunal.

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