The sale of animals soon banned in pet stores

Dogs, cats and rabbits will soon no longer be available for purchase in pet stores in New York (USA). The Democratic governor of the state is preparing to sign an order formalizing this ban, reports the American version of the Huffington Post.

In effect in California since 2019, this legislation aims to limit the activity of places of mass breeding described as “animal factories”.

Shelters as an alternative

Chain reproductions are organized there in order to supply this particularly lucrative trade. Animals that grow up in this kind of environment, however, are likely to retain lifelong scars, reports Slate. Instead of these breeding sites, New York State authorities are urging pet stores to contact shelters and other animal protection and rescue leagues.

If this law is passed, professional breeders would still have the right to sell their pets to individuals. This transaction should nevertheless be organized directly, without going through an intermediary.

The ban already in place elsewhere

Since this announcement, certain organizations such as the American Kennel Club, the main canine federation in the United States, have expressed their opposition to this ban. In particular, they felt that it could “harm customers”. In addition to California, this legislation is already in effect in Maryland, Maine, Illinois and Washington State.

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