The RATP is preparing to present a robot dog and an exoskeleton

RATP will take advantage of the VivaTech 2022 show to unveil a series of technological innovations. Asked by the Journal du Dimanche, Côme Berbain, director of innovation at RATP, assures us that these technologies will be deployed to help officers in their daily work.

“These innovations are intended to improve the daily lives of our agents, by alleviating the difficulty of their work, and to accelerate our European leadership”, says Côme Berbain. Most of the novelties presented will be tested in the coming months within public transport.

RATP innovations

Among the innovations presented to the media, we find the Ironhand. As its name suggests, it is a bionic glove that increases the strength of its user tenfold. The accessory is designed by Bioservo, a company based in Sweden. Thanks to pressure sensors and a remote control, the glove facilitates repetitive tasks and limits the appearance of musculoskeletal disorders of the hand.

At the same time, RATP has also invested in a robot dog called Perceval. Developed by Boston Dynamics, the robot dog is very similar to Spot, the firm’s $74,500 creation. Loaded with sensors, Perceval has 360-degree vision and night vision. Since its deployment last November, it has been helping RATP agents inspect the most inaccessible areas of the network.

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog is also being tested by the French military and singapore police. The machine was used in particular to ensure compliance with the rules of social distancing in public spaces. The patrol robot broadcast an audio warning to remind passers-by to keep their distance.

During the Vivatech show, the RATP will also present drones. The company will rely on Flyability drones, a Swiss firm. The machines, baptized Elios, make it possible to inspect confined spaces or spaces located at height, such as the beams that support metro tunnels. They are armed with a Full HD camera, a 2D measurement tool and a powerful lighting system. On its website, Flyability explains: “we believe in sending robots rather than human beings to dangerous places and in any risky situation”.

The RATP also announces the presence of the Ottobock Paexo Shoulder, an exoskeleton designed by a German company. The machine is designed to help people who have to work long hours with their arms up. Again, the machine aims to relieve the muscles and joints of officers.

Connected glasses will also be visible at the show. The RATP plans to equip some of its agents with Ellcie Healthy smart glasses, a French brand. They are equipped with a sleep detection system, “a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a barometer and infrared sensors that detect falls (soft, heavy and uncomfortable)”. In case of problem, “the employer is immediately alerted to be able to intervene and rescue his employee”, explains the brand.

As a reminder, these innovations will be visible at Vivatech 2022. The event will take place from Wednesday 15 to Saturday 18 June 2022.

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