The policy against animal wandering in Reunion is “a fiasco”

Friday afternoon, Emmanuel Séraphin brought together the sub-prefect Sylvie Cendre, the representatives of the mayors of the other municipalities in the west, his municipal police, the gendarmerie and the pound agents to put in place a punch response on two days.

This round table made it possible to mobilize 17 capture technicians from both SEMRRE (capture service provider on behalf of CINOR, CIVIS and CASUD), and CYCLEA for the TCO so that they inspect three sectors priorities of the heights of Saint-Paul. The sectors chosen are Tan Rouge, Bel Air – Bois de Nèfles – Ruisseau and therefore Saline-les-Hauts.

“The royal bourbon is the friendliest dog in the world”

These captures, which will almost systematically lead to the euthanasia of the animals, upset the people who struggle all year round to get them off the street.

“I think that politicians don’t deal with this scourge because they don’t want to have problems with their constituents. I think that to have social peace, you don’t punish what people do. Abuse , abandonment,… we let the illegal sales of dogs develop, we let the stores sell dogs, and all these dogs sold illegally are obviously not sterilized and subsequently reproduce. found in the street. This is where the State should intervene. There are sites on Facebook that everyone knows and where people make illegal sales. For years, the various authorities, whether it is the DAAF , whether it’s the mayors, know it and nothing is done”says Ghislaine loger, volunteer for 20 years and member of the board of the CRAPA association from 2013 to 2017.

Just as much as the speed of the measure taken by the president of the TCO Emmanuel Séraphin, it is on the double penalty applied to dogs already little spoiled by their wandering life that she looks at.

“Before we got the explanation, we decided to go after all the stray dogs. It’s a roundup that happens very quickly. They’re going to catch nice little dogs, whereas when we see this that they become in mainland France – we see them for example in the ephad to help people – they are far from being the howling animals that we make of them here at the pound.The royal bourbon is the nicest dog in the world “she compares with purebred dogs introduced in Reunion by fashion effect.

“The sterilization of street dogs and cats is one of the solutions”

The policy for combating animal wandering in Reunion is “a fiasco”considers in turn Yachine Cadjee who prefers to praise the initiatives of “many countries which recognize the status of community free dogs and cats“. This is the case of Turkey for example.

“The sterilization of street dogs and cats is one of the solutions to contain this scourge of proliferation which has been supported for decades. The intercos invest nearly 10 million euros each year but 90% of this budget is devoted solely to euthanasias. These euthanasias, we all know that they are veterinarians who defy the ethics of their profession by murdering innocent dogs and cats”he says.

The volunteers of “the PA” must meet in front of the town hall of Saint-Paul this Sunday morning at 10 a.m. to try to persuade the mayor and president of the TCO to review his decisions.


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