“The number of people who die this way is beyond comprehension”

Michael and Shirley Anderson will never forget the day in March 2013 when they tragically lost their daughter Jade to four wild dogs. The couple had been devastated by the court’s decision, who had been given a suspended sentence because their only fault was having an out-of-control dog in a public place.

Two bullmastiffs and two Staffordshires had claimed Jade’s life. Since then, her parents have been campaigning for the government to enforce dog ownership laws. Despite this, they note with disappointment that many incidents have occurred lately.

This year alone, six people (including four children) have been mauled to death by dogs. Jade’s parents consider these lax rules an insult to their daughter’s memory: “This law is clearly not working. The number of people dying is beyond comprehension. »

At the time of Jade’s death, the authorities promised that the law would be quickly improved, but things are still the same. “We did not get justice for Jade, but we hope we can prevent other families from living our nightmare”, they conclude.


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