“The investigation is not at a standstill”, says the lawyer for the civil parties

While Delphine Jubillar’s uncle and aunt were heard by the courts for the first time last Friday, the criminal lawyer explains that new research has been launched.

Is the guilt (or innocence) of Cédric Jubillar about to become clearer? In any case, this is what civil party lawyer Me Mourad Battikh, who advises Delphine Jubillar’s uncle and aunt, argues. “In recent days, the magistrates have refined the personality of Cédric Jubillar: it is now clear that the motive would be an attack of jealousy from Cédric towards Delphine following a message from the nurse’s lover. The elements of the file allow us to see that“, he explained to the Figarowithout saying more, secrecy of the instruction obliges.

However, referring to “new elements“Which would have been added to the file, Me Battikh insists that, despite appearances, “the investigations are progressing and the investigation is not at a standstill“. Among these elements, a psychological analysis of the profile of Cédric Jubillar as well as new research which would be in progress, far from the famous farm which has long mobilized the investigators.

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“Jealousy crisis”

According to Me Battikh, the testimony of the couple’s son would be one of the keys to the Jubillar mystery. “It is clearly established that Louis heard an argument after watching with Delphine the program ‘Incroyable Talent’. In his hearing, the child indicates having, a few minutes after going to bed, heard his mother screaming then shouting ‘stop, stop’.“, Continues the criminal. A testimony that would complete another fact, to say the least strange: Delphine’s handbag and keys were found in the Jubillar’s house, making the exit of this young woman alone one night in December “extremely dubiousaccording to the lawyer.

The version of Cédric Jubillar is also undermined. During the hearing of the civil parties, the relations between Delphine and Cédric were also discussed and it would seem that, contrary to what the husband had advanced – he had assured that the separation between Delphine and him went without a hitch – , the uncle and the aunt of the disappeared affirmed that the couple was sleeping apart and that Cédric constantly denigrated his wife.

The criminal lawyer also specified that he had been informed that new technologies had been used for the purposes of the investigation: drones capable of detecting bones under the ground were used for the first time in France to sift through a area located far from the farm which had mobilized the gendarmerie teams for nearly two weeks. Technology that would seem to confirm that investigators are looking for a body today.

Confronted with the words of Me Mourad Battikh, the lawyer of Cédric Jubillar Me Jean-Baptiste Alary said to the Figarototally disagree with this interpretation of the file“, in particular concerning the jealousy of Cédric Jubillar: if however the council of the husband of the disappeared concedes that Cédric “constituted a file to prove that there had been adultery“, he says he was not moved by jealousy, but by the fear of not obtaining joint custody of the children. “A year and a half after the disappearance of this woman, it might be time to focus on another possibility than the guilt of Cédric Jubillar“, he added.


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