Guy Georges’ ex-lawyer facing the judges

Expelled from the bar on a charge of rape, Alex Ursulet had appealed. The hearing was held on Thursday. Radiated from the Paris bar on December 31, 2019, lawyer Alex Ursulet, 64, who had notably defended serial killer Guy Georges, appealed this decision to the Disciplinary Council of the Order. A young woman, an intern … Read more

who is Olivia Ronen, Salah Abdeslam’s lawyer?

“The more the vice tightens, the more our role is essential”, estimates this young criminal lawyer of 31 years who has already defended several defendants with a radicalized profile. Olivia Ronen, 31, is the Parisian lawyer who has the heavy and delicate task of defending Salah Abdeslam, the main defendant in the trial of the … Read more

Péi vegetables: apple-in-the-air lé dann soubik

The apple-in-the-air is one of the most antioxidant plants in the world. Coming from prehistoric times, this yam allowed the animal to become human. This food has great value for all of us and its consumption should be encouraged. Originally from Africa and tropical Asia, the apple-in-the-air is also called hoffe (Dioscorea bulbifera), bulbiferous yam, … Read more

Tips for cheating, anti-cop clips… These lawyers who abuse social networks to advertise

DECRYPTION – The Order of Paris has created a commission to track down these excesses on the internet. Five disciplinary procedures are in progress. They were born with the internet and do not hesitate to adopt its codes to make a name and a clientele. For two years, the bars of France have faced the … Read more

Confidence in justice and professional secrecy of lawyers: final vote in the Senate

The adoption Thursday by the high assembly of this reform wanted by Éric Dupont-Moretti will be worth final adoption. Parliament is preparing to adopt definitively Thursday, November 18, by a final vote of the Senate, the bill “for confidence in the judicial institution”whose controversial provisions relating to the professional secrecy of lawyers were retouched in … Read more

Animal wandering: the only culprits are the “irresponsible owners”, claims the TCO

Regarding animal wandering, the TCO indicates in a press release that “the only culprits are the irresponsible owners of these dogs and cats who let them wander”. The press release from the TCO The operation to combat animal wandering, carried out this weekend by the TCO and the State, with the help of the EPCIs, … Read more

Thibault de Montbrial, lawyer on assignment

PORTRAIT – He defended at the beginning of the month a gendarme who brought a civil action against Assa Traoré in his defamation trial against the police and will represent the companion of Xavier Jugelé during the trial at the assizes of the alleged accomplices of the murderer of the policeman. Victims of Islamist terrorism … Read more

with these new masters who make their dog an equal

INVESTIGATION – Pets have never held such a place in our society. Considered by some to be almost human, do dogs and cats have the sole vocation of filling an omnipresent emotional void? Camille is 29 years old, she lives near the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, wears tortoiseshell glasses and puts on her sneakers three … Read more

More expensive raw materials: “In 4 months, we went from 19 to 25 euros for the entrecôte plate”

The note promises to be salty for consumers. Restaurants, hard hit by inflation, are forced to increase their à la carte prices. According to a study by the Union of Hotel Trades and Industries, 25% of restaurants in mainland France have already increased their prices. This is also the case in Reunion. In a restaurant … Read more

Claude Guéant has repaid “all of his debt”, says his lawyer

Nicolas Sarkozy’s former interior minister has been imprisoned since Monday in the Paris Health Remand Prison, pursuant to a 2017 conviction in the so-called “cabinet bonuses” case. Claude Guéant announced on Sunday, through his lawyer, that he paid the Public Treasury all the sums he still owed following his final conviction in the so-called “cabinet … Read more