the ceiling soon lowered from 38 to 29 euros?

By Julien Da Sois Posted 2 hours ago, Update just now The National Commission for Restaurant Vouchers (CNTR) wants the 29-euro ceiling to be made permanent in restaurants. OceanProd / Adobe Stock It had been doubled in June 2020, from 19 to 38 euros, to support restaurateurs affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. For the past … Read more

The owner of the Maison Bois restaurant in Heusy, Philippe Brian, has died

By Julien Denoel Journalist La Meuse Verviers | Published on 06/20/2022 at 18:11 This is news that has returned more than one. Philippe Brian, well known in the world of Verviers catering, died on Sunday. He was the owner of the Maison Bois restaurant in Heusy. *** *** ******** ** ********* ** ********** ** ****** … Read more

Unusual in Mons: a cat robot welcomes you to this new restaurant (video)

By C.Joly | Published on 06/11/2022 at 11:43 Don’t be surprised when you enter this new Mons restaurant. Here it’s not a traditional welcome, it’s a chat robot that takes care of you! He brings you to your table, reads you jokes… *** ** **** **** ****** *** *********** ********* **** *** ************ ******* ** … Read more

Eight new fish and seafood restaurants to try in Paris

THE FIGARO SELECTION – Fish, shellfish and crustaceans continue to inspire dedicated restaurants in the capital, around trays, small plates or beautiful pieces to share. Statement of nets from the latest arrivals. The most “feel good”: THE QUEEN’S NECKLACE The place. In what used to be the Nanashi Charlot, as trendy as possible, the Savoir … Read more

Near Le Havre, a fryer fire forces a restaurant to close temporarily

Posted on 06/5/2022 at 16:57 The firefighters intervened at the Côte et Mer restaurant in Saint-Jouin-Bruneval, near Le Havre, Saturday June 4, 2022. A fryer caught fire in the kitchen, forcing the establishment to remain closed for the moment. No injuries are to be deplored but the staff is on technical unemployment. The restaurant is … Read more

“Nonno Luigi”, a new trendy Italian restaurant arrives on the Condroz road in Neupré!

By Amelie Dubois Sudinfo journalist | Published on 2/06/2022 at 07:04 Last April, Audrey opened her restaurant “Nonno Luigi” in Neupré, on the road to Condroz. The young woman wanted to highlight the artisanal cuisine of her grandfather of Italian origin and his… tomato sauce, 100% from the south. ** ** ***** ******** ** ********** … Read more

“Our gourmet Bib is already having an effect”

Published on Monday, May 30, 2022 at 06:34 By Aurelie Urban The Mons restaurant “Origins” has just obtained a Bib gourmand from the famous Michelin guide. A great reward for Céline Moustier, who bounced back by creating her own restaurant after the death of her husband, chef Pierre-Yves Gosse. Testimony. You were the only Montoise … Read more

The restaurant tickets will be replaced by the name card!

Many people have restaurant vouchers for 6, 7 or 8 euros in their wallet. This payment voucher, invented in 1962, is increasingly dematerialized by replacing the paper version with a name card of the same type as a bank card. If the card is more practical and more ecological, the new formula is not always … Read more

pizza in all its forms in Paris

The famous transalpine specialty is not limited to the confrontation between the Neapolitan and Roman versions. It is now also eaten in different forms. The proof in these six new addresses. Neapolitan: AGATA The place. In recent years, Neapolitan pizza, recognizable by its elastic dough and thick edges (the cornicione), has exploded in the capital, … Read more

she now has to feed on frozen meals at 1€ and takes 2 hours by bus to go to work…

Posted on Sunday, May 22, 2022 at 8:04 p.m. Inflation and the increase in the cost of living continue to disrupt our daily lives. A few days ago we told you about the story of Laura, who was skipping meals and only eating sandwiches due to the rising cost of living. Today, it is Rachel … Read more