Top 18 Things Your Cat Has Destroyed In Your Home, Don’t Keep Any Valuables

Does it really teach you anything to say that cat owners are fat vikoss? Certainly. And as many of us are part of this fragmented community, we have identified all the objects destroyed by this cute animal, including our self-esteem. 1. Your sofa armrests First he started ruining it by scratching his claws on it, … Read more

Axon man sentenced for killing his dog

MISCELLANEOUS FACTS He had taken his dog in a car to kill it there. A resident of Fontaine-lès-Vervins, in Thiérache was tried and sentenced. Posted on 05/17/2022 at 14:27 Hunting is an ancestral practice, no offense to some who would like to rewrite Our History. Hunt is not contrary to the Nature of …Read more … Read more

Border Collie or Australian Shepherd: which one to choose?

Size, character… It is not easy to differentiate the Border Collie from the Australian Shepherd. Yet these two breeds of dog are very distinct. Explanation. the border collie and the Australian shepherd are two particularly popular herding dog breeds. First intended for the conduct of herds of sheep and cattle, these two breeds of dogs … Read more

Brittany: the theft of a puppy mobilizes internet users and celebrities

Only 4 months old, Sunny, an American Shepherd puppy, disappeared on April 29. His mistress, Nathalie, has since been trying to find him, mobilizing many Internet users on social networks, and even several personalities. It was on returning from a walk in Plouarzel (Finistère) that the owner of the animal was questioned by a couple … Read more

How to clean your cat’s ears?

Cleaning your cat’s ears is a maintenance gesture that should not be neglected, in the same way as oral hygiene. Performed at regular intervals, this act minimizes the risk of ear infection and prevents the appearance of pathologies such as otitis. How should you proceed? Regularly clean the your cat’s ears is essential to avoid … Read more

The cat business. Home daycare or hotel pensions, tailor-made in Normandy

In ten years, the budget devoted to cats has exploded. Accessories, food, health and comfort… There is something for everyone, for all tastes and for all budgets. Episode 3, in the padded universe of a boarding house for cats in Val-de-Reuil. Shami takes advantage of the April sun to bask in the parking lot of … Read more

The Newfoundland: origin, size and character

Very gentle, the Newfoundland is the family dog ​​par excellence. He is protective and caring. With its imposing appearance, the Newfoundland is recognized as an outstanding hardworking dog, as brave as it is intelligent. His origins The Newfoundland has been asked for many jobs. The origins of this breed date back to the twelfthand … Read more

The Devon Rex: origin, size and character

Naturally expansive, the Devon Rex is a dynamic cat that likes to have fun and requires attention from those around it. the Devon Rex is distinguished by his atypical physique. This cat easily adapts to different living environments, from apartments to individual homes. His origins The origins of the Devon Rex date back to the … Read more

In Canada, dogs invite themselves to their master’s office

AFP, published on Monday, May 09, 2022 at 08:49 Standing on all fours, her tail wagging as visitors arrive, Daisy looks after the well-being of the team at Tungsten Collaborative. The dog, like many other pets, has the right to come to the office with her master, who worked from home during the pandemic. The … Read more