Submerged, the Auvergne cat school calls for help, in Yzeure (Allier)

“We are an association that makes no noise, but effective! “, underlines Josette Le Brenn, in her house in Yzeure which shelters the school of the cat of Auvergne.
Lack of means
Without financial support from most municipalities (unless there is a big problem), the cat school is however threatened. She is currently overwhelmed with the number of cats to care for.
The association chaired by Josette Le Brenn took in 134 cats in 2021. There were 39 over the period from January 1 to April 30, 2021. But, from January 1 to April 30, 2022, it took in 79 ( including a quarter in Moulins). “This is an increase of 102% compared to the same period in 2021. We are exploding! It’s dramatic. Without means, how to absorb all that? “, alarmed Annie Litaudon, administrator of the cat school.

Too many domestic cats in the wild

What explains this explosion of cats to collect? “A lot of people took cats during the Covid, because they were bored, then they put them back outside,” said Patricia Dumas, in charge of adoptions. There would also be a question of global warming: cats now have babies all year round, not just in April-May.
Annie Litaudon distinguishes between two “populations”: stray, wild cats, which the association captures with its equipment, has sterilized, “chipped” at a veterinarian’s and sociable domestic cats – “there are ‘a lot’ of them – that the association strives to place. From Tronget, Deux-Chaises to Dompierre-sur-Besbre, Châtel-de-Neuvre via the Moulin area, its volunteers travel to a large number of municipalities.

Lack of sterilization campaign

A solution to prevent their proliferation: sterilization. But the idea seems to be struggling to catch on.
“We would like the municipalities to get involved, but most do not want to launch sterilization campaigns. If the associations can no longer intervene, there will be poisonings, massacres,” insist the members of the cat school.
To take care of the growing number of animals they take care of, members of the Auvergne cat school association are organizing a food collection at Carrefour Market, in Yzeure, this weekend (until to Sunday morning).

How cats can find a family

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Practice. To adopt a cat: Facebook page Association cat school of Auvergne.


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