SpaceX – DOGE as payment and other Elon Musk escapades

The decline in the cryptocurrency market does not seem to prevent Elon Musk from continuing his shenanigans in the field. Because the latter regularly returns to sow a few tweets in order to maintain his power over a community clinging to his escapades. And his favorite subject is undoubtedly the Dogecoin (DOGE) cooked in pump and dump sauce. Yet this time, indigestion seems to have hit the ranks of his followers. Unless these billionaire oversold shitcoin followers have been weeded out by an ongoing digital selection…

It seems a long time ago a horde of investors shouted to whoever did not want to hear them that the DOGE would arrive at 1$. Even if it must be admitted that with its all-time high of $0.73, this improbable price was closer than ever… more than a year ago now. This with great blows of tweets published repeatedly by Elon Musk, wealthy owner of the company Tesla and perhaps soon, but still not, of the social network Twitter. Because he has fun with the latter as with everything else, like a cat with its new toy.


The Dogecoin affair (DOGE) – Elon Musk’s fake Bitcoin in mode to the moooooon

Hugh B. – 08 Feb 2021 – 09:49

Dogecoin has a special place in the world of cryptocurrencies. And […]


And since negotiations are obviously bogged down over this acquisition, Elon Musk returns to the charge with Dogecoin (DOGE). The latter already accepted by the Tesla company to buy its merchandising, but not (yet) its cars. With each of these announcements, new evidence of market manipulation that some obviously confuse with an opportunity. Because it allows the cryptocurrencies concerned – even in the case of Bitcoin – to perform a small artificial pump. But this time things look different.

SpaceX – Dogecoin as payment method

Who might be interested in buying internet subscriptions with DOGE cryptocurrency? Because that’s about all Elon Musk’s latest announcement seems to achieve. With its Staklink fleet made up of thousands of satellites positioned in low orbit. And pollution – both light and material – already addressed as problematic. This while China announces that it is organizing itself in order to be able to destroy all of it in the event of a proven conflict. And that Elon Musk rejected Bitcoin as a means of payment for his Tesla cars for ecological reasons just a year ago.

But in fact, it is impossible to know exactly what this “announcement” really implies. Not even when this feature will be effective. If this is not the response made by Elon Musk to one of his followers about Starlink subscriptions: “one day, maybe. » And perhaps in the end the incredible possibility of being able to buy a copy of an astronaut’s suit for his newborn, for the sum of $45 (about 525 DOGE at its current price).

Dogecoin – Elon Musk no longer pumps DOGE

Because the most remarkable fact about this umpteenth announcement without real interest is precisely this lack of interest encountered. Because for once, the start caused by Elon Musk on the DOGE will hardly have been perceptible. With an increase of at most 15% in a few hours. But a course immediately fell back into its lethargy at the $0.085 level where it has been for almost 3 weeks now. Because this billionaire may have forgotten it, but the rest of the world is currently facing a somewhat problematic economic crisis.

A lack of reaction which is rather good news. Because the power that Elon Musk exercises on the cryptocurrency market ultimately represents only a sad (pathetic) admission of weakness. And a good reason for regulators to see it as a nest for insider trading and other imprudent investors to protect from themselves. But obviously, Elon Musk is not going to stop there.

Because he has just committed a new enigmatic tweet during the weekend, with Dr Manatthan in the spotlight. And the cryptosphere is going wild over what that might mean. Because the last time he posted an identical image, November 13 last year, it coincided with Bitcoin’s ATH (recorded November 10). But on this occasion, the character represented turned his back. And apart from useless speculation, only one certainty is essential: Elon Musk is once again talking about him to say nothing…

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