She finds a wasp in her McDonald’s sandwich

“Attention to you, here is what I find in my McWrap”, alert, photo in support, a user on Facebook. The latter says that she found a dead wasp last Sunday in her sandwich bought in a McDonald’s restaurant in Mers-les-Bains (F).

“I therefore contacted the management asking for compensation, continues the young woman, and her answer was: “We are not the Restos du Coeur”.

contacted by “Picard Courier”. the owner of the franchised establishment confirms the incident and says he regrets his remarks. “It’s an unfortunate and regrettable incident that I obviously cannot condone,” he explains. “I offered compensation, as is always the case. The problem is that the client wanted to fix the indemnity himself.”

The owner goes on to say that the error did not actually come directly from the restaurant, but from a supplier. “On site, nothing is transformed. We receive the food in sachets and we assemble the sandwiches. The team member did not see the presence of the wasp”, he assures, adding that a “quality complaint” has been filed with McDonald’s France.

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