Sanctioned for fraud by their school, student lawyers from Lille have filed a legal appeal

Thirteen student lawyers have appealed to the Douai Court of Appeal (Nord) to have the sanctions imposed by their school overturned because of exam fraud. A hearing is scheduled for December 13, according to France Bleu Nord.

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The Douai Court of Appeal (Nord) has scheduled a summary hearing on December 13 to examine an appeal filed by several student lawyers from the IXAD school, based in Lille, France Bleu Nord reports on Tuesday November 2. These thirteen students were all sanctioned for having cheated during the final exam, which was held at a distance because of the Covid-19.

These students had made “similar copies”, according to the management, which had earned them to be sanctioned by the disciplinary committee of the establishment on October 4, with sanctions ranging from reprimand to temporary exclusion. Some students will therefore not be able to become a lawyer for at least a year.

If almost all admit their fault, they claim the cancellation of the exam and the right to have a catch-up. Their lawyers also denounce massive fraud during this examination, with a figure of “90% cheaters” put forward by one of the lawyers at France Bleu Nord. For this, the advice relies on several pieces of evidence, including screenshots of discussion groups on social networks, transmitted to justice. You can read exchanges between students during the exam, with advice.

“We never imagined for a moment that the candidates were going to be walled off for five hours. We suspected that they were going to discuss but the sanctions fell because they returned the same copy”reacted Frédéric Baube the president of the IXAD to France Bleu Nord.

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