Restaurant tickets: change this Monday, everything you need to know for your lunch break

Significant changes will occur in our daily lives this Wednesday, June 1st. Among them, the end of the ceilings at €38 for restaurant tickets.

Who says new month also says novelties. There will be good, but also bad surprises. Among the annoying changes: the end of the ceiling of €38 for restaurant tickets. Explanations.

The Covid crisis has been there

With the pandemic, the government had indeed decided to double the ceiling to support restaurateurs and encourage the French to return to restaurants.

In May 2020, remember, employees who had tickets or meal vouchers found themselves for a time helpless in the face of the closure of restaurants, and the accumulation of their useless tickets. In order not to lose these titles, and to help restorersthe government had thus decided to raise the daily ceiling for restaurant tickets, which then went from €19 to €38 per day.

September 1, 2021 was initially to mark the return of the daily cap of €19, its base level, but the government finally decided to extend this measure once again. This system was therefore to end definitively on February 28, 2022. But once again, the government has decided to make a gesture to support restaurateurs by once again extending this daily ceiling set at 38 euros.

This measure will finally stop on June 30, as announced by the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire on Wednesday February 23 on BFM TV. It is possible to use your meal vouchers during the week and at weekends within the limit of €38 again this month. Afterwards, the ceiling will drop to 19 euros.

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