“Red meat is over”: faced with soaring prices, restaurateurs are reinventing themselves so as not to penalize customers

Energy prices and rising commodity prices are impacting restaurants. To avoid increasing the prices of their menu, restaurateurs are adapting. They are reinventing their cuisine to withstand the price shock without penalizing customers.

In Temploux (Namur), in Alain’s kitchens, the menu has just changed. No more seafood and overpriced fish. This Wednesday, it’s spaghetti for everyone. “Red meat is also over for the same reasons. Everything that is expensive and increases daily has been wiped off the map”explains the restaurant manager.

Pasta is a safe bet for this restaurateur who is looking for savings everywhere. “I stopped working at lunchtime two months ago because it was becoming very irregular, we didn’t know what to expect”said Alan.

Alain is not the only one to reinvent himself. Cédric, a meat delivery man, sees it today. His customers order less because there is no more question of wasting. “I have very large customers who ordered 100 cobblestones. Now they only take 70 at the risk of breaking up for the other customers because they are afraid to throw away the 30 that there were before”, stresses the meat wholesaler.

Being creative is the new watchword to save the margin. As with Grégory, in Namur. This boss plans to review the grammage on his plates. “Instead of putting a huge 400 gram rib steak and half a vegetable, which is very expensive today, we are going to make meat strips with more vegetables. It’s healthier for the customer who will always have enough to eat. “he says.

Why not change his recipes? Today, all means are good to adapt to inflation and limit the addition.

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