Ranking: The French melt for a Swiss chocolate


Lindt is the second favorite brand of our neighbors, who love many sweet pleasures.

The Gold Rabbit, one of Lindt's iconic products.

The Gold Rabbit, one of Lindt’s iconic products.


What are the favorite brands of the French? Gourmands, our neighbors almost exclusively favor food brands. And rather melt for sweet pleasures. At the top, we find St Michel and his biscuits. Second: Lindt and its chocolates. And Amora condiments complete the podium.

This is the result of the 2022 Observatory of the French favorite brands label. It was produced from a survey of 4,900 people and covers 1,300 brands.

A Top 30 has been made public. And 27 of the 30 favorite brands of the French are food. And rather sweet, like the details “Le Dauphiné”: yoghurts (La Laitière n° 4, Danone n° 6), biscuits (Lu n° 7, Bonne Maman n° 9…) or ice creams (Carte d’or n° 11, Magnum n° 19 ).

Milka and Nestle

Chocolates are also well represented, with several brands linked to our country. Thus, in addition to the second place of the Swiss chocolates Lindt, we find Milka in the eighth place. Although the brand now belongs to the American agri-food group Mondelez International, it remains of Swiss origin. Finally, Nestlé dessert, with its chocolate bars like its preparations for chocolate desserts, occupies 17th place in this ranking.

“We are totally in phase with the previous editions. These are brands known and recognized by all, which accompany the French in their daily lives, in good and less good times, such as confinement, ”commented one of the authors of the survey.

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