Preserve bananas 3 times longer with a simple and effective trick

Banana is a particular fruit in terms of nutritional composition, but very rich in health benefits. When it is still slightly green, it is even suitable for certain slimming diets. Let’s admit all the same that it is much more pleasant to taste it when it is very soft and mellow in the mouth. Except that it is sometimes frustrating to wait for its texture to become really tender. However, and depending on what you want, there are some effective tips to slow down or speed up the ripening process. Find out how!

Like most fruits, the riper the banana, the sweeter its taste, tender texture and intense flavor. Indeed, when it matures, it concentrates more natural sugars. It is also more caloric and provides an immediate source of energy, while still green bananas offer more starch and fiber, as well as greater long-term satiety.

But, unlike other fruits that are no longer eaten when they rot, the blackest and softest banana is still useful, at least in culinary terms. However, many people prefer to savor it long before it reaches this stage of maximum ripening. But they also prefer to avoid that it is still too green, rough and somewhat tasteless. So how do you get to the middle ground? Hard to find the perfect banana for you? The task is not simple, but not impossible either. It’s just a question of organization and good reflexes to take.

green yellow bananas

Green and yellow bananas – Source: spm

In this hot weather, would you like to cool off more often with a frozen banana smoothie? But for it to be delicious and sweet, there is no question of using this fruit until it is ripe enough, because the taste in the mouth will not be the same at all. That’s good, we’re going to reveal a few simple and quick tips to accelerate this maturation.

  • Don’t keep your bananas in the fridge: it’s an already well-known rule, you don’t keep this fruit in the fridge, especially if you want it to ripen fairly quickly. Generally, professionals store bananas in temperature-controlled rooms between 10 and 20°C.
  • Take advantage of room temperature: in warm weather, the banana ripens on its own, even overnight. Place this fruit in a warm area that receives enough sunlight. It is even better if the natural environment is humid with good ventilation
  • Keep your bananas in a paper bag (or even newspaper): the ethylene emitted by the banana will accelerate its ripening. Inside the bag or wrapped in newspaper, it will concentrate this gas and create a warmer environment that will cause it to brown faster. Store your bananas near other fruits: apples in particular or even pears can help them mature faster. Keep them together, preferably if the apples are already a bit ripe, as they will emit more ethylene.
  • Use the oven: this method is less known, but it remains very clever. If you’re going to make a special pie or dessert and need your bananas to ripen in minutes, the oven is your best ally! All you have to do is roast them (without peeling them) in the oven at 160°C for 20 to 30 minutes, at least until they are very dark. Of course, if you don’t want them to brown as much, you just have to reduce the temperature and the cooking time a little. Regularly take a look at the oven and, by touch, you will feel whether they are suitable for you or not yet.
ripe bananas

Ripe bananas – Source: spm

Now that you know how to speed up the ripening of bananas, we will show you some optimal methods for the opposite effect. As mentioned above, heat greatly helps to ripen them quickly. Exactly, the summer period is very favorable. Which can annoy anyone who wants to preserve their bananas longer. During hot periods, it is actually more difficult to keep this fruit at home for several days. How do you prevent your bananas from going soft too soon? First of all, the most logical thing to do is to avoid everything mentioned above.

In addition, the following should be taken into account:

  • Avoid high temperatures: from an ambient temperature of 20°C, bananas will ripen and soften very quickly. And tell yourself that the warmer the environment, the faster the maturation.
  • Do not store bananas with other fruits or vegetables: it is better to store them in an isolated place, away from other foods that may affect their preservation, especially climacteric fruits such as apples or pears.
  • Bananas keep longer in a ventilated place, with low ambient humidity and in the dark. Keep them away from direct sunlight and electric lights that can provide heat.
  • Put them in plastic cling film rather than in a paper bag: use this trick by wrapping the end of the bunch in plastic film or with tape.
  • Best to keep them in the refrigerator: as soon as you feel your bananas starting to turn slightly brown or gradually soften, you can then refrigerate them to make them last longer.

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