Pascal Brotonne, the president of Sport canin sedanais, is gone

Pascal Brotonne, the emblematic president of Sport canin sedanais, is no more. He left abruptly in his fiftieth year, leaving behind his families. His mother and three brothers. But also his colleagues from Unilin where he spent his entire career. And finally all the members of Sedan dog sport. “At the club everyone is affected”, testifies Thiery Gérard, the vice-president. And he knows what he’s talking about since he met Pascal when he was 7 years old. “He was my neighbor. » The Sedan joined the club around 20 years old. He immediately got involved, it was his passion. Discreet, efficient, from a simple member giving some advice to others, he has become an instructor. “He explained education by kindness and caress. » For 6 years, he had taken over the presidency of the club, investing himself on all fronts, without ever forgetting to take care of everyone, masters, as dogs. He was accompanied by Lou his border collie dog.


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