“Our gourmet Bib is already having an effect”

You were the only Montoise to obtain a Bib gourmand from the Michelin guide this year, is it a reward you were aiming for?

Yes, because it’s important in a city like ours. Given the number of tourists, it’s important to be recognized because when people don’t know a city, they look in a guide for good places to go, etc. If I hadn’t had it, it wouldn’t have mattered. But it’s still a famous publicity because there are always people who don’t know us.

This gourmet Bib is all the more a great reward if you weren’t originally a chef…

Yes, the reward is even more beautiful because I was not predestined to be in the kitchen. I did hotel school, it’s my basic job, but at the 5th Season (former restaurant of her husband, chef Pierre-Yves Gosse, editor’s note), I worked for 2 years in the kitchen then I was indoors.

Have there already been repercussions since you received your Bib gourmand?

Yes, this week, we have quite a few people who came because they learned in the newspaper that we had received a Bib gourmand. People from Ath and Ecaussines in particular.

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