Olivier Chamouleaud and Adrien Ladoux are the pair at the head of the Gloriette café in Paris

Former partners in the juniors of the rugby club of Rodez, the city where they were born, aged 28, they took the reins, on April 1, of this Parisian brasserie in the 15th arrondissement. .

They wore the same jersey, in this case that of the Rodez rugby club, among the juniors. Ten years later, they are associated again, but with the management of the Gloriette café brewery, located at 58 rue de la Convention in Paris, in the 15th arrondissement. Adrien Ladoux, who could play full back or fly half, and Olivier Chamouleaud, full back, whose father Alain had also defended the blood and gold colors, at the end of the 80s, before then signing for Stade Toulouse (he lives today today in Baraqueville) have been doing business together since April 1, 2022.

Born on May 3, 1994 in the capital of Aveyron, originally from Sainte-Geneviève-sur-Argence, having grown up in Espalion, Adrien Ladoux is not at his first attempt. A graduate in Lozère, at the Saint-Chély-d’Apcher hotel school, with a baccalaureate C in his pocket, he then crossed the Mediterranean for an experience in the kitchens of the Casadelmar restaurant in Porto-Vecchio, two Michelin stars. He left Corsica to settle in Paris where, after various experiences as an employee, including L’Artiste, he took the reins of Number 41, in the 16th arrondissement (41 avenue de Mozart), on March 3, 2020 … So a few days before the first confinement. After several months referred to as “difficult“, he smiled again: “It’s going well. Activity has picked up well and we’re seeing customers we haven’t seen for two years“.

When its owners, the two Aveyronnais Jean-Marc Calvet and Christian Valat, bought the Gloriette café, they offered him the management. “It was a great opportunity for me. It’s pretty, with a double terrace because the establishment is at an angle, from the sun, rejoices the person concerned. It’s a real Parisian brasserie, it changes me from Number 41 which is more of a restaurant“. The Gloriette café has a hundred seats, with the terrace, to which must be added thirty for the ephemeral summer outdoor installation, and twenty employees. While they had lost sight of each other a little (“We were in touch, from afar“, thus confirms Adrien Ladoux), the North-Aveyronnais has approached Olivier Chamouleaud.

More than one hundred places and twenty employees

Also born in Rodez, also 28 years old, he grew up on the Piton, before joining Pau for a business school for three years. After a hook of six months by the country, he ascended to the capital with the idea of ​​continuing his studies. “But, as I needed a job to find accommodation, I joined the restaurant business thanks to the Aveyronnais network. I never left her again! he remembers. Since 2016, I have progressed, without cutting corners“.

Barman, waiter, he then spent more than four years at Chez Coquille, 7 boulevard de Reuilly in the 12th arrondissement, very close to Bercy, an establishment which he knew the creation, with various positions, including that of manager. “I very quickly wanted to fly with my own wings, willingly acknowledges Olivier Chamouleaud. I had a lot of admiration for my bosses and I wanted to reproduce their journey: starting from nothing, they had made their way and that spoke to me“. He pursues : “I had imagined being fixed at the age of 30. So I’m a little ahead of my plan. It’s a strong choice on my part. It was time to start the process“.

He’s talking about “great opportunity“but he did not see himself”not alone” at the controls of the Gloriette café. “It is not a brewery on a human scale, he details. It was therefore important, reassuring too, to be accompanied. Adrien’s experience is an undeniable “plus”“. After (almost) two months of operation, Olivier Chamouleaud recognizes “to be humanly well off“: “There are good surprises and a lot of enthusiasm. Without regret !“.

The Gloriette café is located at 58, rue de la Convention, in Paris, in the 15th arrondissement. It is open seven days a week. More information and reservations on 01 45 77 74 10.

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