Montpellier: at the Domaine de L’Oulivie, an ephemeral restaurant reveals the property’s products

In Combaillaux, the Domaine de L’Oulivie offers an open-air restaurant until the end of September with a superb view of the olive grove and the Pic Saint-Loup. On the menu, the Mediterranean cuisine of two young chefs, accompanied by oils, olives and other aromatic herbs from the estate.

In Combaillaux, the Domaine de L’Oulivie is moving upmarket in its catering offer. If the olive-growing property already offered a menu that allowed you to appreciate its olives, oils and olive purees, it now offers a more elaborate formula, entrusted to two chefs in their thirties. The Vialla family, at the head of the estate, has set up this gourmet table in the open air, with a magnificent view of the olive grove (nearly 10,000 trees, one of the largest in the Hérault) and in the distance, the Pic Saint-Loup. Pure Mediterranean bliss at lunchtime.

New card every week

This ephemeral restaurant, open for lunch until the end of September , takes place in a structure designed by interior architect, designer and visual artist Jovhanna Rutanowska. It is reached by crossing the permaculture vegetable garden and the aromatic plant garden.“The menu changes every week and each time offers a vegetable composition, fish, meat and two choices of vegetables, as well as desserts”

, explains Pierre Vialla, co-owner of the estate alongside his brother Roch. That day, a smoked veal roast rubs shoulders with a grilled mackerel fillet. As an accompaniment, roasted sweet potatoes with cumin or toast and fresh cheese, garnished with strawberries from the garden. The formula consists of a single, generous dish. In the kitchen, Maëva Fallay and Michaël Lacambra, two longtime friends, share the preparation of vegetables and meat with their different cooking methods. Maëva grew up in Marseille where she trained in Mediterranean cuisine. She started at Moment, with Christian Ernst, before working in Parisian palaces, in Australia and then in the West Indies. Trained in agriculture, she cultivates young shoots at the Domaine de l’Oulivie. Michaël also worked in Marseille, before moving on to a 2-star hotel in Colomiers. In Montpellier, his career led him to the caterer Cabiron and to the Maison de la Lozère, as second in command to Eric Cellier. “At L’Oulivie, we have a magnificent tool for working with local products, from Hérault or Gard. We also work with products from the estate, cultivated or wild, such as borage flowers or chives”,

explains the duo. Tommes of smoked sheep are being prepared and will soon be served in salads. A chocolate fondant with olive oil is also planned. A pleasure in creativity, which is found on the plate.

“Mediterranean cuisine, elaborate and aesthetic” Local products, Mediterranean flavors, creativity: this is the line followed by the two chefs at L’Oulivie.“At the request of the Vialla family, we imagined a cuisine from the ground to the plate in a Mediterranean register, elaborate and aesthetic”

. Products from the land… but also from the sea, as with this grilled mackerel fillet, virgin of vegetables and sweet potatoes with cumin.

Domaine de L’Oulivie, Mas de Fourques, in Combaillaux. Restaurant open for lunch, Monday to Saturday. Dishes from €14.40 to €14.90. Accompaniments from €5.30 to €6.80. Desserts from €2 to €7. Booking is recommended. Such. 04 67 67 07 80.

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