Montauban. “Cats without a roof”, against the proliferation of stray cats

The association “Cats without a roof” organized a charity day for the benefit of stray cats. On the program: well-being, Gospel and Latino music, sale of accessories for cats. All the donations collected will be used to finance the actions carried out by the volunteers in favor of the cats. President Maryline Cruz: “We have just created this association and we receive a lot of calls, there are a lot of stray cats. We intervene as far as we can. We capture them, we take care of them, we have them sterilized and then we let’s release them. We must stop the proliferation, only sterilization can limit the number of stray cats which number in the hundreds. We have sent a letter to the town hall, we would like a tripartite partnership with the SPA”.

The proliferation of cats follows an exponential curve. In 5 years a couple of cats can give birth to more than 20,000 offspring. “Cats without a roof” wishes to significantly reduce the number of kittens that are born to die in the wild, or to be euthanized. Article 120 of the departmental health regulations (RSD) prohibits the feeding of stray cats on the public highway, they must be identified and sterilized. Contact: 07 49 51 24 75 or

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