McDonald’s: a customer finds a huge wasp in her sandwich!

McDonald’s has been in the midst of a bad buzz since a customer at a Mers-les-Bains establishment found a wasp in her sandwich.

Big bad buzz for McDonald’s. According to the latest information from our colleagues from the Courrier Picard, a customer would have found a huge wasp in her sandwich. A dark affair that risks tarnishing the image of fast food. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Manager McDonald’s at 26

A few months ago, the editorial staff unveiled the portrait of Camille Belajew by BSmart. This young man of 26 years is one of the youngest managers at McDonald’s.

His role ? “Ensuring a fluid, pleasant and warm service for customers. To ensure that there is a good atmosphere and that my team works in the best conditions”.

A job he loves! Single-handedly, Camille leads an entire team. “I thought it was going to be difficult. In the end, no, it’s not at all. You have to have the right methods. You also have to have the right temperament and know how to work well.”he confides.

And the least we can say is that he likes it. “I like supporting my teams. I like being by their side on a daily basis and developing their skills”.

But beware, if Camille is a manager at McDonald’s, he does not intend to stop there. In 5 years, he may be assistant director.

A beautiful place that makes him dream. Moreover, the case of Camille is then not without remind us of that of Léa Melquiotmanager at McDonald’s at only 25 years old.

“It is very easy to evolve when you feel like it. McDonald’s France gives many people a chance. I hope to climb as high as possible”said the young woman.

One thing is certain, it is that McDonald’s seems to give real opportunities to young people. Unfortunately, a dark story has just tarnished the image of the famous yellow M franchise. MCE TV tells you more!

McDonald's: a customer finds a huge wasp in her sandwich!
McDonald’s: a customer finds a huge wasp in her sandwich!

A wasp in a sandwich

Despite the opportunities that McDonald’s offers its employees, the firm has just been confronted with very bad publicity.

Indeed, according to information from our colleagues from the Courrier Picard, it seems that a client has found a wasp in his sandwich.

The facts thus took place on Sunday, May 29. So Mother’s Day. Léa Caron had just bought a wrap at McDonald’s in Mers-les-Bains.

Bad luck, a dead insect is inside… Questioned by the editorial staff of the CP, Yael Caron, the father of the young woman then explains: Luckily she saw the wasp before she ate it. »

He adds thus: “We contacted McDonald’s immediately, so that they could be careful on their side and in order to obtain compensation”.

For his part, the owner of the establishment then specifies: In such a case, we call the client and we apologize. It is an unfortunate and regrettable incident that I obviously cannot condone. »

In fact, he offered compensation. ” The problem is that the client wanted to fix the indemnity himself “. Indeed, the father of the family asked: “A commercial gesture such as a meal offered to my children, my wife and I would be appreciated. We are not close to 30 or 40 euros, it was for the principle. »

The problem is that only a menu had been purchased that evening. And to express his dissatisfaction, the owner would then have replied: “ We are not the Restos du Coeur “. Thus, a quality complaint would be raised. Bad news for McDonald’s.

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