Lyons. A beef restaurant opens with a new concept in the city center

A new restaurant specializing in beef is opening in downtown Lyon.
A new restaurant specializing in beef is opening in downtown Lyon. (© Adobe Stock)

Au Boeuf Citoyens is a brand that promotes better consumption of meat. Specialized in home delivery, the company will open a restaurant in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon.

The table of horse dealers will serve its first dishes from Wednesday, June 8. The concept: “Only beef, all pieces of beef, with original, surprising and innovative recipes”, is it indicated by way of press release.

“Animals over 36 months old, in the meadow in the summer and fed with hay in the winter”

Au Boeuf Citoyens is committed to providing quality meat and promoting it in the best possible way.

“Right from the start, breeding is better remunerated (+€0.5/kg) because it respects strict specifications which impose animals over 36 months old, in the meadow in summer and fed with hay. winter,” says the group.

No cereal enters the feed of the herds: “additional proof of the attention paid to the environment”, he adds. The meat is 100% Ardèche and Altigerian, it comes from farms in the Mézenc massif (Massif Central). Au Boeuf Citoyens is committed to the short circuit and guarantees that there is no additional margin.

All cuts of beef cooked

Au Boeuf Citoyens affirms that all cuts are valued: “While 80% of Western consumption concerns only the so-called ‘noble’ parts of the animal, i.e. only 20% of the animal, Au Boeuf Citoyens encourages the diversity of modes of cooking allowing to cook all the portions: All the pieces are delicious if they have an adapted mode and time of cooking. »

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It will also be possible to pick up your box of meats ordered on their website at this new address. Each box is made up of three thirds: meat to be simmered, meat to be grilled, meat to be roasted.

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