LIVE – Multiplex Ligue 1: Toulouse finally take the lead, Monaco still pressing

THIS TIME IT’S GOOD FOR TOULOUSE! (Toulouse 1-0 Ajaccio)

This is the goal for Toulouse! Dejagaere perfectly switches Rafael Ratao after a series of leg crosses that deceives the keeper with his flat foot!


Monaco 0-0 Brest, Toulouse 0-0 Ajaccio, Nantes 0-0 Auxerre and Angers 1-0 Lorient

It’s the break in this four-match Multiplex and SCO Angers, bottom of Ligue 1, are the only ones to have opened the scoring. Toulouse were denied a goal, while Nantes and Monaco had plenty of chances.


Powerful strike from Diatta as Bizot pushes Ben Seghir back! The Monegasque nugget fakes the shot, continues with a roulette, but his shot finally misses!

NANTES’ DOUBLE CHANCE! (Nantes 0-0 Auxerre)

Ludovic Blas takes the shot at the entrance to the surface and Costil pushes back on Ganago who dribbled and connected with a left footed shot! It’s in the corner!

Yellow for Van den Boomen (Toulouse 0-0 Ajaccio)

Logical yellow card for Van den Boomen after an elbow on Youssouf who remains on the ground, bloodied.

Another stop from Bizot! (Monaco 0-0 Brest)

The chances pile up for Monaco with a header at the near post from Diatta! It is narrowly rejected by Bizot!

Ben Seghir in the works (Monaco 0-0 Brest)

Found at the entrance to the surface, Ben Seghir plays with two defenders with excellent technical gestures and continues with a strike! It is against!

GANAGO TAKES THE BAR (Nantes 0-0 Auxerre)

Guessand overflows, is patient and finds Ganago with his back to goal! The Nantes striker turns and continues with a powerful but countered shot that ends up on the crossbar!


Great timing from Krepin Diatta who sends a huge header into the center of the Brest goal! Bizot pushes back for a corner kick after a great save!

Yellow card for El Melali (Angers 1-0 Lorient)

Farid El Melali takes a yellow card after a small simulation in the penalty area. But she wasn’t ready…

Castelleto saves Nantes (Nantes 0-0 Auxerre)

At a corner from Sakhi, Jeanvier comes close to taking the ball back, but Jean-Charles Castelleto clears the ball with his toe!

Big opportunity for TFC! (Toulouse 1-0 Ajaccio)

Van den Boomen takes the corner kick low to the ground towards the penalty spot for Spierings, but his shot is sent for a corner!

We take stock of the scores

Monaco 0-0 Brest, Toulouse 0-0 Ajaccio, Nantes 0-0 Auxerre and Angers 1-0 Lorient

Only one goal in this multiplex, and that’s for the Red Lantern, Angers.

Moffi finds Bernardoni! (Angers 1-0 Lorient)

Found with his back to the goal, but in the box Moffi suddenly turns around and kicks hard with his left foot! Bernardoni pushes back for a corner!

Monaco get closer to the goal (Monaco 0-0 Brest)

The opener was not far away for Monaco with two big plays! Camara takes the post on a volley at the entrance to the area and Golovin misses the target with a little curling shot!

THE TOULOUSE GOAL… REJECTION! (Toulouse 1-0 Ajaccio)

Sylla finds Chaibi perfectly in the surface, which has two choices: put it in the middle or send a missile under the bar at a tight angle! Chaibi opts for the second option and allows the TFC to take advantage… but it is finally denied for a pushchair in the back at the start of the action!


Corner shot by Capelle and it’s deflected by Sima’s head at the near post! This is the first goal in Ligue 1 for Abdallah Sima.

Yellow card for Capelle (Angers 0-0 Lorient)

Very big tackle from Pierrick Capelle at Abergel! It was both feet away and the Angevin captain takes his yellow.

First dangerous center (Nantes 0-0 Auxerre)

Cross from Simon who crosses hard at the near post for Ganago’s header! The Nantes striker is a little too short.


Monaco 0-0 Brest, Toulouse 0-0 Ajaccio, Nantes 0-0 Auxerre and Angers 0-0 Lorient

Monaco have not lost on the first day of the new year since 2009

Monaco have not lost their first match of a calendar year in Ligue 1 since 2009 and a 1-2 defeat against Nantes, a run of 12 games. Nevertheless, ASM won only 4 of those 12 matches, for 8 draws.

And here are the compositions of Toulouse-Ajaccio!

Toulouse : Dupé – Sylla, Rouault, Nicolaisen, Diarra – Dejaegere (c), Spierings, Van den Boomen – Ratao, Onaiwu, Chaïbi.

AC Ajaccio : Leroy – Youssouf, Gonzalez, Diallo, Koné – Nouri, Marchetti, Coutadeur (c), Belaïli – Touzghar, El-Idrissy

The lineups of Monaco-Brest, first term of office for the gold nugget Eliesse Ben Seghir!

Monaco : Nübel – Vanderson, Disasi (c), Maripan, Henrique – Diatta, Fofana, Camara, Ben Seghir – Golovin, Embolo.

Brest : Bizot – Fadiga, Chardonnet (c), Herelle, Uronen – Magnetti, Lees-Melou, Camara – Del Castillo, Slimani, Honorat

The compositions of Angers-Lorient!

Anger : Bernardoni – Valery, Hountondji, Blazic, Doumbia – Mendy, Capelle (c) – El-Melali, Hunou, Abdelli – Sima.

Lorient : Mannone – Kalulu, Matsima, Talbi, Le Goff – Abergel (c), Innocent – Ouattara, The Fairy, Cathline – Moffi

The Nantes-Auxerre lineups

Nantes : Lafont (c) – Centonze, Castelletto, Pallois, Traoré – Blas, Girotto, Moutoussamy, Simon – Guessand, Ganago.

Auxerre : Costil – Zedadka, Jubal, Jeanvier, Mensah – Sinayoko, Touré (c), Sakhi, Perrin – Da Costa, Niang

Some statistics to know before Nantes-Auxerre

Nantes have won 2 of their last 3 Ligue 1 + Ligue 2 duels against Auxerre (1 draw), having won just 3 of the first 14 in the 21st century (4 draws, 7 losses).

Nantes have not lost any of their last 6 receptions against Auxerre in Ligue 1 + Ligue 2 (3 wins, 3 draws), the best series in their history against the Burgundians.

Hi !

It’s January 1, it’s the start of a new year, but also… the 17th day of Ligue 1. With a multiplex of four games at 3 p.m. In the program:

– Monaco-Brest

– Toulouse-Ajaccio

– Nantes-Auxerre

– Angers-Lorient

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