“Le Paradis”, the Carcassonne Eden combining sports, catering and business tourism

In their Eden located near the Rocadest shopping area, Audrey André and Sébastien Charrin offer three squash courts, a dance hall, two seminar rooms, padel, catering in a beach bar spirit.

How about we all go to Heaven? Like in the song. This is what Sébastien Charrin and Audrey André, the new owners of the sports complex and restaurant of the same name, located on the road to Trèbes, would like. Two years ago, a few months before the health crisis raged, the couple took over the business, wishing to enrich the already existing offer on site. If previously Le Paradis was known to Carcassonnais as the lair of squash and padel, Sébastien and Audrey want to “upgrade” the place. Since April, the resort has opened its restaurant. A little corner of paradise “chill and lounge” straw-like.

All that’s missing is the sea and the sound of the waves

In his former life, Sébastien was a director in the large distribution. Audrey worked in events. Ten years ago, their paths crossed here, in Paradise, when the structure was still only a sports club. “We wanted to take over a beach bar, a restaurant, a beach hut. We fell in love with Carcassonne, a medium-sized town located in the heart of Occitania. And then, it’s still there that we we met“, says the couple. Thing said, thing done.

The couple signs before being stopped in its tracks by the Covid. Never mind, like many merchants, Sébastien and Audrey put this parenthesis to good use. The place is getting a makeover, is redesigned and enriched. “Since our opening, we have been doing everything that was boards and tapas. Since April, we have been a real restaurant. With a chef, lunch and evening service and a more extensive menu. We would like Carcassonnais and tourists also identify us as a real restaurant as such and not just as a sports club. This is in particular why we developed the outdoor part like a beach hut. Before that, it was a forest of reeds. All that is missing is the sea and the sound of the waves”.

The place also has a table football and billiards area.

The place also has a table football and billiards area.
The Independent – NATHALIE AMEN VALS

To liven up the straw huts, musical evenings will be offered until September. Evenings in the presence of several local groups like the Noy’s, the Sevillans or the well-known DJ of the Carcassonnais, Haute Couture Musicale.

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To expand its offer, the multi-activity complex combining sport and relaxation is also focusing on business tourism, as the co-manager explains: “We have two reception rooms intended mainly for seminars. We sometimes rent them for weddings and other events. We really wanted to address companies and offer them the whole package in one place: a meeting room, gyms, a restaurant… The only thing we lack is the accommodation part”.

The couple sees the arrival of the Rocadest zone as a godsend. “The ZA on the other side of the road is bound to be an accelerator for us. The future Béragne area should also contribute to our growth.”

Le Paradis, on the N113 towards Trèbes. Open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. non-stop and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Such. : 09 81 23 65 25. The restaurant is currently looking for a versatile server for the season.

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