Lawyers Together Lyon (ACE): professional secrecy animates the debates

Valérie Giet, president of ACE-Avocats Ensemble Lyon, was keen to find the members of the regional union that she has chaired since November 2019. “Our members were finally able to meet face-to-face, a word that had been absent from our vocabulary since my election!”explains Valérie Giet.

And the latter to evoke many upheavals that have marked the last two years: “After the pension reform project and the lawyers’ strike, the health crisis fully mobilized the ACE, which remained present with lawyers, members or not, from the first confinement”she says.

“Thus, national commissions of our union have drawn up technical sheets and organized “special covid” webinars to help colleagues respond to their customers”continues the lawyer who specifies that he “it was indeed necessary to respond urgently to these needs in the face of a proliferation of texts and announcements in continuous thread!”.

ACE accelerated its digital development

Valérie Giet also evokes a paradox linked to the crisis: “It brought us closer and that was a strong point: the ACE accelerated its digital development and thanks to videoconferences, the regions found themselves together around the national level. As such, the 2020 Digital Congress organized in record time was the illustration that the ACE is resolutely modern, agile and pragmatic and that in the event of a crisis it is effective. In Lyon, as elsewhere, our union remains the first represented in number of votes at the National Bar Council”.

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