Lactalis indicted for fraud for having falsified foodstuffs

You have to dare to attack Lactalis. At the end of 2018, a company based in Creuse had filed a complaint against the French milk giant for scam, deception and fraud. The investigation carried out around the suspicions of falsification of foodstuffs led to the indictment of the multinational based in Mayenne and largely established in Brittany. “The Lactalis group confirms that in the context of a 2017 commercial dispute with the company Serval relating to the supply of an ingredient for animal feed, the company Lactalis Ingrédients was indicted last April”, confirms the dairy giant.

The dispute is between the company Serval, which specializes in milk replacers for calves, lambs and kids, and Lactalis, which supplied it with a blended whey and not cow’s milk. “We were really deceived: for years we trusted them, we received their product, we used it to make our products and we discovered by chance that what they delivered to us was not what we told them. had ordered and that allows them to make huge savings on our backs, ”explains Serval lawyer Alexandre Varaut.

The impression of having “been deceived for years”

At the end of 2018, a complaint with civil action had been filed for fraud, falsification of foodstuffs and deception on the nature, species, origin, substantial qualities, composition or content of useful principles of all goods. Serval, which has around 100 employees, no longer has a commercial relationship with Lactalis. The amount of the damage “is not quantified for the moment but there is also the moral damage of having been deceived for years”, underlines his lawyer.

Lactalis has 85,000 employees in 84 countries, 266 production sites in 51 countries for a turnover of 20 billion euros, according to figures on its website. The company has been convicted several times in recent years for polluting waterways in Brittany. In 2018, she was also the target of strong criticism in a vast case of contaminated infant milk.

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