Johnny Depp trial: who is Camille Vasquez, the actor’s lawyer who undermines Amber Heard’s testimony?

In the lawsuit which opposes him once again to his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp is defended by a pugnacious lawyer who is having a bad time with the actress whom she is cross-examining at the moment. To the point that the name of Camille Vasquez is now on everyone’s lips…

So far, Hollywood stars have had one name in mind to handle their divorce affairs and the mess of their romantic lives, that of Laura Wasser. Nicknamed the Disso Queen (the Queen of separations, editor’s note) the latter is a real star of the bar. She thus defended Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Britney Spears, Ben Affleck and of course Kim Kardashian… According to Bloomberg, the 52-year-old lawyer would charge 850 dollars (702 euros) per hour, and would require a deposit of 25,000 dollars. Small fish with less than 10 million dollars in their account would even be asked to go knock on other doors. But now a new lawyer is talking about her, her name is, in fact, currently on everyone’s lips. Camille Vasquez is one of Johnny Depp’s lawyers in the trial between him and his ex-wife Amber Heard to whom he claims 50 million dollars for defamation.

For a few days, the pugnacious young lawyer undermines during an extremely full-bodied cross-examination, the defense of the star ofAquaman. This Monday, May 16, she even forced the actress to admit that she had lied under oath at the bar during the trial which was held in London. The actress then claimed to have donated all of the compensation received from Johnny Depp to two associations, including the ACLU, “to fight against violence against women”, a false assertion according to the general counsel of the association for whom the promised sum had not been paid in full. So what do we know about the one who is already asserting herself as one of the main characters in this media trial?

Very close to Johnny Depp

Camille Vasquez, 37, graduated from the University of Southern California and then from Southwestern Law School in 2010, she once worked in a law firm in Los Angeles. She is now a partner at Brown Rudnick, the firm that is currently defending the interests of Johnny Depp in this trial. Specialized in “advice on media strategy during times of high pressure” she was also rewarded in 2021 with the prize “Ones to Watch: The Best Lawyers in America”.

But his ferocity in the courtroom is not the only reason for the interest shown in him. The closeness between the lawyer and her client has given rise to rumours. On Twitter or YouTube, some Internet users are convinced that something is going on between the star and his lawyer. They share and relay sequences in which the lawyer and the actor exchange knowing glances or tender gestures in front of the court cameras. TMZassured, however, there is little that there was nothing between them: “Sources linked to Camille Vasquez assure us that this is nothing more than social media fan fiction“. A relative of the lawyer would also have told the American media that “All members of Johnny Depp’s legal team are close. Over the weeks, they have created both a professional relationship and a friendship.” Fans are waiting to see.

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