Joe Biden responds to Elon Musk and quips – La Nouvelle Tribune

The American President Joe Biden took advantage of a meeting with the men of the media this Friday, June 3 to comment on the remarks ofElon Musk on the economy. Indeed, the wealthy American businessman indicated in a message to his Tesla staff that he was about to cut 10% of jobs. He would have a “very bad feeling”. The current boss of the White House, will not be long in answering him.

Biden gives the example of Ford

The Democratic president compared the company toElon Musk at Ford who continues to invest despite everything. He also points out that the company has created several thousand new jobs recently as Musk tries to reduce its numbers.

“Ford is increasing investment and building new electric vehicles, 6,000 new employees – union employees, I might add – in the Midwest. The old Chrysler Corporation…they’re also making similar investments in electric vehicles. Intel is adding 20,000 new jobs in computer chip manufacturing. »launched the American president in response to the statement made by the boss of Tesla.

“A lot of luck during his trip to the moon”

He ended this intervention with an irony. He wished the wealthy businessman who invests in space research good luck on his travels. “So, you know, good luck on his trip to the moon. I do not know. », he said. Note that between the two men, it is not always perfect love.

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