“It all happened so fast, it’s a huge loss”

A hard blow for Battiste Mastrogiovanni, the owner of the pizzeria restaurant “Il Galateo”, on the road from Ath to Jurbise. As the service began, a terrible fire broke out in his pizzeria. Battiste was present with his wife and daughter. He was eating. The roof of the establishment was heavily affected, as well as the kitchens.

►► The owner of the pizzeria first tried to put out the fire himself: here’s what happened

►► “My pizza maker came to pick me up. A customer said that there was smoke coming out of the roof “: the owner of the pizzeria testifies

►► This drama falls badly because Battiste, the owner of the establishment, must open a new restaurant in the coming days: the details

The restaurant is currently closed. Battiste first thinks about the safety of its staff and customers, before considering a possible opening.

Parties were planned. The pizzeria was doing well. “It’s a huge loss,” concludes Battiste.


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