Issy’s interview with lawyer Bertrand Périer: “The Word is a weapon”

Bertrand Perier is a lawyer at the Council of State and at the Court of Cassation. He teaches public speaking at Sciences Po and HEC, and participated in the film Out loud. It contributes to the training of participants in the “Eloquentia” program, which each year designates the best speaker in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Fervent defender of the French language, he demonstrates in his works that the word is a weapon (Speech is a combat sport), a requirement (On the tip of my tongue). In his book save who is talking published on October 6, it proves that the word is also a buoy, and can save.

“Words are my dearest companions. Every day, I play with them, I handle them with delight. They offer an infinity of open doors on the world to describe it, transform it, escape from it. Choose as in a box the best adapted, the most exact, the most unexpected: what happiness! It is this taste for words that I strive to transmit to the young people whom I train in public speaking or whom I meet at the occasion of these eloquence contests which, everywhere, have been flourishing for a few years.

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