In Saint-Malo, not picking up your dog’s poop will now cost €135

“At the end of the confinement, the incivilities returned, in particular those concerning dog excrement”, deplores Florence Abadie, deputy mayor of Saint-Malo in charge of security.

Residents complained about the situation. Hence the launch of the “Help, the crados are back” campaign. “We are not targeting tourists but the carelessness of those who lack civility”, says the chosen one.

An operation in line with La Chasse aux crados, initiated in 2019 by the previous municipal team. And whose objective was to fight against all forms of pollution related to incivility: bulky items abandoned on the sidewalks, cigarette butts, rubbish…

No more pedagogy and reminders

The City of Saint-Malo goes to war against incivility. Fines increase from €68 to €135 for uncollected dog droppings or litter left on the public highway. | WEST FRANCE

This time, dog owners are particularly in the sights. In addition to pollution and odors, dog droppings littering the lawns poison the work of green space agents.

However, the city is well supplied with bag dispensers to pick up the droppings of four-legged friends. “There are 140 of them available in parks and gardens, that’s more than in Rennes”, notes Céline Roche, deputy delegate for urban and coastal cleanliness.

Until today, the municipal police showed a certain leniency and contented themselves, most often, with calls to order. That time is over. “We are going to move to a more repressive phase,” warns Patrice Poirier, the municipal police chief.

The fine goes from 68 € to 135 €

No longer picking up your dog’s droppings will now cost €135, and no longer €68, as in the past.

The new amount of the fine is intended to be a deterrent and the police promise to keep an eye out. They will patrol, every day, on foot, by bike, by quad, as close as possible to possible offenders.

And beware, “the fine of €135 applies to all types of waste: cigarette butts, rubbish…” support elected officials.

Free leashes

Even on a leash, dogs are prohibited on all Falkland beaches from April 1 to September 30, at all times. | WEST FRANCE ARCHIVES

Reminder: all of the Falkland beaches are forbidden to dogs from 1er April to September 30, day and night. This also applies to horses. Which makes some teeth cringe.

“We must maintain the quality of bathing water”, argues Florence Abadie. There is one exception: assistance and support dogs for people with disabilities are allowed on the beach.

Finally, dogs must be kept on a leash on public roads. To encourage teachers to show good citizenship, the City offers leashes equipped with a reservoir for collection bags, but it will not provide refills. More than 350 copies await those interested in the premises of the municipal police of Saint-Malo, avenue Louis-Martin.

The cairns, a false good idea

Building cairns is not good for the environment. | PIXABAY

In recent times, another phenomenon is gaining momentum. Cairns, these stacks of pebbles whose photos are marvelous on social networks, are beginning to multiply. If they are aesthetic and playful, “they can have an impact on biodiversity”, Céline Roche is alarmed. “The pebbles are often home to small animals. »

At Cap Fréhel (Côtes-d’Armor), it has even become a scourge. For lack of materials, some visitors do not hesitate to snatch stones with their heels to complete their masterpiece.

In Saint-Malo, not picking up your dog’s poop will now cost €135

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