In Instagram’s most liked photo, Lionel Messi is wearing a fake trophy

A gigantic imbroglio saw Lionel Messi, the captain of Argentina, lift a fake trophy on the sidelines of the celebrations on the Lusail Stadium lawn after the final of the World Cup. The epic of this copy is told by Argentinian media Clarin, which reveals how the most liked image in the history of Instagram – the image of Messi holding up the trophy, worn like a hero – is actually hiding a fake World Cup trophy. .

A couple in their forties is behind the joke. Argentina supporters Paula Zuzulich and Manuel Zaro have had a replica of the World Cup trophy made, a version so carefully crafted that it resembles two drops of water from the original. Same weight, similar look (theirs, six months in the making, is made of resin and quartz on the inside and has been coated in a gold-like paint)… Everything comes together to make it take me.

After the final, at the end of the official presentation of the trophy (with Lionel Messi waving the real trophy), the couple watching the match manage to give their fake haircut to a relative of Leandro Paredes, who circulates it on the earth. The two versions are therefore on the lawn at the same time, and this is how the picture of Messi posted on Instagram, the most liked on the network with almost 75 million likes, is “tainted” by a non-authentic Jules Rimet trophy.

It was only after the Argentine players’ outburst of joy that photographers captured an argument between “La Pulga” and Angel Di Maria, with the latter warning the former that he had been walking around the pitch with a fake trophy. An incident which annoyed the captain of the Albiceleste on the spot, but which quickly made him smile.

Di Maria Explains To Messi That It Is A Fake Trophy.  (N. Luttiau/The Team)

Di Maria explains to Messi that it is a fake trophy. (N. Luttiau/The Team)

After several days, the couple, who had probably lost sight of their cup, recognized their replica in the photos of Messi, seeing a characteristic detail on the bottom of the latter. The owners were even able to recover their prestigious object at the end of the celebrations, signed by Leandro Paredes, Lautaro Martínez, Guido Rodríguez, Nico González and Di María.


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