In Barcelona, ​​eating out with your dog is possible

Dog owners know that finding a pet-friendly restaurant can be an obstacle course. Equinox unveils 5 establishments in Barcelona that are “animal friendly”.

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Add to its impressive cuisine its 20 taps of Scottish craft beer and its jovial atmosphere on two floors. Brewdog also caters to vegetarians and vegans for which they have a range of vegan beers. And the place of honor goes to pets, accepted in this establishment with an atypical setting.

1124 brew dog

Where ? Calle de Casanova, 69

Transport: Urgell Station – Line 1


This restaurant, designed as an orangery in the middle of nature, has a breathtaking design. Trees inside are integrated into the decoration, enough to feed a bucolic aspect. The establishment supports short and healthy cooking by offering dishes with Mediterranean flavors. Plus, it is logically possible to bring your dog into the restaurant. Namely that Grupo Tragaluz defends animal rights.


Where ? Passage of the Conception, 5

Transport: Diagonal Station – Line 3 and 5

Elsa and Fred

This gastronomic bar located in the Sant Pere district has become a classic of the Barcelona weekend for having brunch with your dog. His style juggles between French chic and the New York art of living. The property pays particular attention to animals. All little hairballs are welcome. In addition, the establishment has an uninterrupted kitchen in which creative and quality dishes are prepared.

elsa and fred

Where ? Carrer del Rec Comtal, 11. Barcelona.

Transport: Arc de Triomf station – Line 1

El Nou Ramonet

El Nou Ramonet is a must-visit restaurant in Barcelona. It offers a gastronomy strongly linked to the Barceloneta district, i.e. traditional Catalan cuisine based on seafood products. What could be better than tasting traditional seafood cuisine, with its wild fish or its good tapas, all at reasonable price and in a colorful district of the Catalan capital. Here again, the El Nou Ramonet establishment was designed to have spaces reserved for customers with pets.

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Where ? Carrer Carbonell, 5. La Barceloneta.

Transport: Barceloneta Station – Line 4

Fabrica Moritz

Famous for being the first place where Barcelona’s first beer was brewed in 1856, today it is an emblematic place in Barcelona where leisure, gastronomic and cultural activities intertwine in a modern, spacious and, above all, suitable for dogs! P9251659

Where ? Tower of Sant Antoni, 41

Transport: Urgell Station – Line 1

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