“I told my husband to tell my family that I love them”

While playing with Skyy, her Straffordshire bull terrier, Erin was hit hard on the chin by the head. The next day, the 41-year-old began experiencing neck pain. Three days later, she went to the hospital as her pain had not disappeared. The bad surprise fell during a scanner.

According to The Mirror, Erin had two cracked molars. She suffered from an inflammation that caused her neck to swell. Fearing that her airways were blocked, the doctors decided to put her to sleep and put her on life support.

Worried, the forties sent an SMS to her husband before being taken to intensive care. “I texted my husband to say he might want to go to the hospital and that I might not be awake when he got there. I told him to tell my family that I love them. It was worse for him than for me,” she recalls.

After four months, Erin is still suffering from her injury and still cannot open her mouth. Despite her state of health, she indicates in no way that she blames her pet.


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