“I prefer to take a step back”: Fabrice Di Vizio, the anti-pass lawyer, in the sights of the Bar Council?

His name is associated with the health crisis. According to information from France Info, Fabrice Di Vizio would be targeted by an ethics investigation by the Paris Bar Council. Several parts of its activity would be affected: on the one hand, its work with its customers, several complaints from dissatisfied people having been received. On the other hand, his positions and his behavior both on television and on social networks and in demonstrations.

Contacted by Le Parisien, the lawyer nevertheless claims not to have been informed of this procedure. “I wrote to the Order and got no response. If really I am targeted by an ethics investigation, I would say so without problem, ”he exclaims. Later that Thursday, they tell us that “the Order has just [lui] confirm in writing the absence of the opening of an ethics investigation”. Attached, the body did not wish to confirm or deny this information.

The fact remains that Fabrice Di Vizio has regularly been talked about since the start of the Covid-19 crisis. Frequently invited on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, on C8, the lawyer specializing in public law was particularly noted for being the counsel of Didier Raoult. The lawyer carried loud and clear, throughout the crisis, the voice of those who opposed health restrictions, in particular via appeals filed against the government and mayors. At the risk of overdoing it and annoying colleagues.

“Today we have a social network control commission created by the bar association, which convenes all the time, but as soon as it crosses a certain degree of media coverage, they do nothing. They have to show that they are not tough on the weak and weak on the tough, “said a criminal lawyer a few weeks ago, calling Fabrice Di Vizio an” agitator “. “The Council of the Order should recall our ethical obligations when speaking in the media,” added another lawyer.

Di Vizio “takes off”

On the political level, it is also Fabrice di Vizio who put online forms to file complaints against the actors in charge of managing the fight against Covid-19, namely the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, his predecessor Agnès Buzyn (now indicted), the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, and the council of the order of doctors of Isère.

An activism that would have ended up overtaking him, according to him. On Tuesday, he announced that he would “take off” from his activity and that he would sell “(his) shares held in (his) firm”, while continuing to follow his files pending the sale of his shares. He also let it be known that he would not be a columnist for “Touche pas à mon poste” and that he would possibly be present, for the last time, at the anti-pass demonstration this Saturday.

With Le Parisien, he denies a causal link between this decision to withdraw and the ethical investigation of the Council of the order. The reason would rather be, according to him, the desire to no longer pass for the figurehead of the “antivax”. “Until now, I cared very little about the image I sent back. But when I see the attacks on me, I tell myself that there is a problem and that I have become a public figure. So, I prefer to take a step back to reframe things a bit, ”he justifies. He himself can however be associated with the hysterization of the public debate, in particular for having participated in recent weeks in “TPMP” from the sidewalk because he does not have a health pass.

A withdrawal, but not a farewell to public life. Because the controversial lawyer still intends to speak on the Twitch video platform for a weekly question and answer session, as he indicated on his channel on Wednesday evening: “We will do a Covid live once a week and another time another non-Covid live. »

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