Hydration, the simplest solution to good aging?

It may seem obvious, but drinking enough water keeps us away from chronic diseases and helps us age well.

Earlier this week, the magazine arrived eBioMedicine repeated a study of National Institutes of Health The United States.

And according to the NIH, adults who stay adequately hydrated are less likely to develop chronic diseases and have a better life expectancy than those who don’t drink enough water.

Ever better with water

To reach this conclusion, data from 11,255 adults were analyzed over 30 years. The aim was to observe the relationship between serum sodium levels and several general health indicators. Serum sodium increases when water intake decreases.

What did they find? People with high sodium levels were more likely to develop chronic diseases and show early signs of biological aging compared to those whose serum sodium levels remained within the average range. And they were also more likely to die prematurely.

What conclusions?

Natalia Dmitrieva, lead author of the study, summarizes: “Results suggest that proper hydration can slow aging and prolong disease-free life”.

Before then, the same researchers had already made the connection between high serum sodium levels and higher risk of chronic diseases such as heart failure, atrial fibrillation, diabetes or even dementia.

Maintain good hydration

Note that you should not wait for the feeling of thirst to get wet. And in particular, it is necessary to remember it, in case of physical activity and heat. Age also matters, since after 55 the feeling of thirst tends to decrease.

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